You’ll Never Be Able To Drive Mosquito To Extinction

Did you know that mosquitoes go back so many thousands of years, since long before humankind showed its face on planet earth? And when that famous meteorite arrived to blow the dinosaurs to extinction, guess what; the mosquitoes stayed behind. They were not alone because they would have to be accompanied by numerous other insect species, many of which would become diehard pests thousands of years later.

All those thousands of years ago they would have been able to breed and chow with gay abandon. They would have to be a lot bigger and ferocious too. Because how else would they be able to plunge their needles into the thick hides of the dinosaurs. Once they had located the blood, they could guzzle undeterred. Because those dinosaurs were pretty thick somewhere else. For giants of that size, their brains were pretty small in comparison.

Stone age mosquitoes never had to worry about extinction. Because in those days, they never had to worry about mosquito exterminator fort collins. Today, mosquitoes are still not worried about extinction. Far too many locals have yet to cotton on to the fact that they can get rid of their worst pets in one fell swoop if they just hire the exterminator already. Oh, but mosquitoes should be worried.

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The exterminator is sharpening his tools as we speak. And once word gets out that he’s around the block, his phone is bound to be ringing off the hook. Numerous emergency calls will be fielded. And it is only a matter of time. The mosquitoes will be wiped out. They will have been exterminated. But they will not be driven to extinction. That’s the harsh reality. Ten thousand years from now, mosquitoes will be reliving tales on how their ancestors tried to dodge those exterminators.